Oct 20

The Benefits Of Having A Mobile Business

Some people like working nine to five, leaving the house at the same time every morning, and arriving home at the same time each evening. They enjoy this routine because it’s stable. However, it’s hard to take vacations with this type of job, as you have to schedule time off. It’s also hard to run errands or make appointments when their working hours are the same as yours. Basically, there’s not a lot of freedom in this type of job. If you had a mobile business on the other hand, you’d be able to go anywhere you want, do anything you want to do, and more.

All you need to run a mobile business is your laptop and an internet connection. As long as you have internet access, you can conduct business anywhere, anytime. You could go work down by the beach. You could take a vacation on the fly, and you could even move on the fly if you wanted to. With a mobile business, you’re never tied down, and can earn income wherever you choose to go.

There are various types of mobile businesses. E-commerce websites where you sell services or products online, advertising / marketing jobs, writing jobs and much more. As long as you keep on top of your orders, and ensure your clients are satisfied (and this is of paramount importance, especially with online business where you don’t meet the customer face-to-face), you can run a successful business from wherever you may find yourself.

Mobile businesses are becoming increasingly popular. People like the idea of mobile business because they can travel and pretty much do what they please, according to their own schedule. In addition, these types of businesses are also great for single parents. It’s hard for a single parent to go to work

Oct 20

Micromax Twinkle Mobile

What a cool thought by the Micromax. Recently Micromax has launched a very eye-catching mobile phone Micromax Q55 Bling Twinkle Mobile’. The company has endorsed the gorgeous looking Twinkle Khanna, a wife of Akshay Kumar as brand ambassador for the promotion of the Micromax Twinkle mobile phone. As like name, the mobile phone is filled with all twinkling features. The color of the mobile is white and flashy which appeal to the girls most.

This Micromax Bling Q55 phone is not only good by looks but it embedded with all impressive multimedia features. This mobile phone is really suits to the personality of the pretty girls. You loved this mobile phone at first sight. It’s purely beautiful with diamond studded and the one thing you will notice that its looks are quite similar to Motorola Flip out. Let’s discuss the Micromax twinkle mobile price, features and specifications.

Micromax twinkle mobile phone or Micromax Q55 Bling phone has smooth QWERTY keypad. It has dual sim option and having the average quality camera with 2 mega pixel with video recording, preloaded with Opera Mini browser, Bluetooth, Media Player, Video player, EDGE/ GPRS/ WAP/ MMS, games, FM radio, Music Player with Multi formats. It has the Screen Display: 262K Color QVGA you can also see the mirror behind the screen, internal Memory of 10 MB which can be expandable up to 8 GB. Its battery life is Up to 4 hours talk time and the Standby Time is up to 180 hours. Micromax twinkle mobile price is around Rs. 5, 500 in India.

If we talk about its camera is not really good, where the other mobiles are coming up with advanced functions of camera like optical zooming, digital zooming and etc. Its camera can be open only when you slide up the

Oct 20

Low Cost Micromax Android Mobile

The present era is Android era and Micromax is one of the pioneer Manufacture who has announced the numerous of low cost feature packed mobile handsets in India. Almost every mobile company has introduced handsets which run on Android OS. Now this is challenge for the Micromax to make their slot itself amid competitors.

There is great news for the followers of Micromax mobile in India. Your own favorite Micromax mobile has endeavor to put steps forward towards in the world of technology and has announced its first android mobile in the Indian mobile handset market to congregate with the contemporary requirements. This Micromax android mobile phone comes with the full touch screen and SWPYE that provides a faster and easier to input text on screen. Typing has become the much more fun and quicker.

Shoot your best moments with its integrated 3.2 mega pixel camera with Video Recording and Autofocus which results good picture quality. It carries 2.8 Resistive Touch screen display that offers the amazing viewing experience and holds the resolution of 320 240 pixels. This Micromax android mobile in India is called as Micromax A60 android mobile handset. The new Micromax A60 supports high speed 3Gconnectivity and Wireless LAN Wi-Fi support.

This Micromax android mobile is running on the older version, Android v2.1, of the Android OS. The version is not upgraded to the latest Android v2.2 for this mobile and powered with 600MHz microprocessor. This phone offers internal memory of 150 MB but supports micro SD card up to 32 GB. The some other complementary features of the mobile phones are Music player and Video player, Bluetooth, GPS with Navigation Maps, Google Applications, USB port, FM radio, Accelerometer, Gravity sensor and lots more.

The Micromax Android A60 Android mobile phone is available

Oct 17

Why The Touch Screen Mobile Phones Are So Popular Today

In recent days, you can see that mobile phone has not only become an important part of our daily life, but also, have brought our lives beyond the world with great complexity of sophistication and multimedia. The latest mobile phones can perform multi-tasks, such as capture images, play music and videos, and explore the websites, and so on. The remarkable mobile phone companies, such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, LG and all released the phone with multimedia features since long time ago. All of these companies have significant market share in the world of mobile communication market.

Touch screen mobile phone seem to be a hot topic nowadays. There are so many people know about it at least. If you are the one who like to take party and want to show your fashion IQ, touch screen mobile phone is a very good example for doing so. Simply touch the menu options on the screen, features spontaneously displayed. The best of all, touch screen mobile phone will make you do not feel like clumsy just like you press the bottom on a normal phone. So, you can see that touch-screen phone is not only in good looks, but also they are easy to operate.

So, which is the best place for buying the mobile phone? Of cause, you can go to your local mobile phone stores. However, the best place is the internet. Internet mobile phone store offers a good deal of all kinds of touch-screen mobile phone. The top spellings for touch screen such as Nokia 7700850 grams, South Korea LG, Sony Ericsson P990i is are all with very good price online.

Touch screen mobile phones can be purchased for an attractive contract transactions, and mobile phone recharge transactions. Although the touch screen mobile phone with the

Oct 17


There is urgent needs of the new technology of recycle mobile phones which save the environment. Mobile phones have become an essential part of our life and people love to change their handsets from time to time. The important thing is that older handsets need to be disposed off somewhere and this is where mobile phone recycling comes to your rescue. This process should be applied to save human life. There are different organizations that work on this development.

The process of mobile phone recycle is done under the efficient team of engineers who take care of the old handsets and after recycling these same handsets are being sold at appropriate prices. Everyone must be aware of the harmful chemicals being used in the mobile battery that is why, mobile phone recycling helps in keeping environment clean. These handsets are being repaired and awareness camps have been organized to draw people’s attention towards the usage of old handsets.

The whole process of recycle mobile phone is beneficial for the people who change their handsets frequently. Many organizations have been working under this and they provide them with these handsets which are donated by people. It always feels well to attach oneself with a social cause and to give a helping hand. Not only that but people get some amount of cash in lieu of their old handsets, which is not a bad deal at all.

There are several websites who works for recycle mobile phones and provide users with the money in return of their damaged or old handsets. User gets the desired amount within a short period of time. Some of the other alternatives of mobile phone recycle include the facility of recycle bin provided by retailers as they hold the power of this process. They

Oct 16

Micromax Bling Q55 A Mobile Phone That Will Attract The Youth

Recently, a leading Indian Telecom Company Micromax has released the Micromax Bling Q55 Mobile. By releasing new mobile phones, this company has started to give mobile giants like Nokia and Samsung some stiff competition. Micromax has 23 domestic offices across India and international offices in Hong Kong, USA, Dubai and now in Nepal. In place of releasing loads of low-end mobile phones, Micromax has started adding more productivity and features to its mobile products.
The all-new Micromax Bling Q55 mobile look very attractive, it is a square shaped flip model. The stylish look of the mobile will attract the youth very much. It has a QWETRY Keypad preloaded with Facebook and multi Instant messenger. Micromax Bling Q55 is a QWERTY mobile with SWAROVSKI studded keys and YAMAHA powered music. This mobile phone comes with one touch Facebook key, 2 MP camera, Multi instant messengers, multiformat music player, background music playback and more. The mobile, has full QWERTY keypad and incorporated with opera mini browser.
Regarding the phonebook and memory support, there are 1000 entries in the phone book and 300 SMS in internal memory, which are supported by Micromax Q55. In addition, the memory slot has expandable property up to 8 GB through a Micro SD card. Q55 supply several ways of connectivity like EDGE, WAP, GPRS and A2DP. The other features are:
2.4-inch pass, 262K Color QVGA, 320240 Pixels
Slider Full QWERTY keypad
Dual SIM GSM mobile
SWAROVSKI studded keys
2 Megapixel camera
Compact Vanity Mirror
One-Touch-Launch Facebook
Weight: 75g
Dimensions: 707016.3 cm
Stereo FM Radio
Bluetooth (A2DP)
Internal Memory:10MB
Expandable Memory MicroSD upto 8GB
Battery Li-ion 850mAh
Talk Time Up to 4 hours
Multi Instant Messenger
Standby Time Up

Oct 15

Mobile Application Development companies develop applications according to the users interest.

The most fascinating and tempting fact about all the mobile applications is their easy installation process and one can choose any application according to his/her interest and pocket. Mostly mobile application development companies offer free as well as paid applications for users of varied interest and genre. From games, to tracking caller id’s and parental control apps, application development companies leave no stone unturned to facilitate their clients with great services.

Moreover, technology advancement is actually a boon for people around because they are getting what all they might have dreamed of once. Mobile development companies use advance software solutions to bring superlative enhancement in mobile phones. Furthermore, these companies serve their client according to their needs so that their clients could achieve their business ambitions swiftly in most efficient as well cost effective manners. Application development companies aims at rendering satisfactory services to their customers with their expert knowledge. They have a team of highly experienced application developers and they know how to benefit their client and maintain long term relations with them.

The strong mobile platform in development of applications is the basis to yield productive results for both clients and companies. To put their customers into ease, companies also provide consulting services like development training, web and application development support, mentoring and cloud services. The experts guide you to construct analysis that enables you to formulate your data driven business application strategy and implement it for further execution. The professional team of experts develops, deploy and maintain the business applications of their clients in a most reliable manner. Quality is the main ingredient which is instilled by these companies in their services of all kinds. Also, these companies use tutorial videos to inculcate their clients about the application features.

These application development companies consider

Oct 14

Samsung Star5233 great touch generation mobile

Yet the prices are kept at optimum for this handset. Technologically advanced, aesthetically enhanced and with great snob appeal-Samsung Star 5233 is indeed a great handset in its category. The best part is that Samsung has not compromised on quality, price, design and features, at all. Emails are accessible and can also be sent to as many people as user wants with Samsung Star5233 mobile phone.

Technologically advanced, aesthetically enhanced and with great snob appeal-Samsung Star 5233 is indeed a great handset in its category.

The best part is that Samsung has not compromised on quality, price, design and features, at all. Yet the prices are kept at optimum for this handset.

Users have an added advantage of using this mobile as Email sender, along with sending sms and mms to different people. Emails are accessible and can also be sent to as many people as user wants with Samsung Star5233 mobile phone.

Call record facility is also available in this handset. Some users are very careless so they keep searching for different calls made received and missed by them. This facility of call records is especially designed for such people only.

Users are very particular about their ringtones. It takes quite a lot of time to choose a desirable ringtone. Samsung is loaded with 64 polyphonic, mp3 ringtones for different users to choose their favorite collection.

Samsung Star5233 is a Quad band mobile phone operational worldwide at GSM/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz. When users want to go on tour around the world, then this handset will always be with him at all times, with local sim card.

Its size is relatively bigger than other mobile phones, with almost 90% of the front dedicated to screen of the phone. Samsung Star5233 is not very heavy as per its size. 262 color TFT screen adorn this

Oct 14

SIM Only Mobile Offers- The Best in Town

SIM only Mobile offers are one such lucrative deal that makes users free of any boundations or contracts. The user needs to have only a cellphone in which it can place it SIM card. Lets see what are varied advantages of this exciting deal.

Sim Only Deals let’s you free to avail best tariff plans associated with network service providers. These deals saves our valuable money and gives us flexibility to switch from one network to another. If you’re really happy with your current mobile phone and do not plan to change in near future then you need to get SIM only mobile offers. As the name suggest, this deal only endows the user with a SIM. Sim only Deals gives you a benefit to retain your mobile phone at the same time get equipped with a new number. You can get these schemes on cheap SIM free deals that help you put the SIM in these Sim free phones which are available in both contract deals and pay as you go deals to suit them better.

This scheme available in contract deals lets only the SIM in contract period. One can use the facility provided by the network operator through that SIM and pay for the amount at the end of the month. So the SIM only offers a nice way to get away with year long contracts and at the same time give them the advantage to pay only for the amount they have used that too at the end of the month. With so many advantages and more, the SIM only Mobile offers are on great demand with the eager customers. These deals have somewhat eased the money pressure from the consumers head and have given them a deal that fits in their ever stingy

Oct 13

Samsung Mobile- Innovation Guaranteed

Mobile phones today are amongst the best loved and most integral electronic gadgets. They are no more a thing of luxury, as people, young and old and those not addicted to gadgets also prefer to own mobile phones. There are several brands of mobile phones which have gained popularity in the recent past. Samsung mobile phones are one of the most popular brands of mobiles that have been very well received. Samsung mobiles in India are immensely popular as the price conscious shoppers in India prefer cost effective Samsung phones to the other expensive brands.

Samsung Mobiles:
Samsung mobile phones have catered to the price conscious shopper since a very long time. Samsung mobiles in India are known for their elegant designs and innovative features. Samsung phones are packed with the most advanced technology and priced appropriately without compromising on the quality of the handset. They are easy to use and the touch screen Samsung mobiles are affordably priced and are highly durable.

Importance of Samsung mobiles:
There are many advantages of using Samsung phones. In addition to being affordably priced and elegantly designed, the latest technologies are very well incorporated. Whenever there is a high end technology that is creating ripples in the mobile phones arena, Samsung mobiles in India are bound to launch handsets which incorporate the high end technology.

The wide range of handsets is yet another advantage of opting for Samsung mobile phones. There are innovative handsets for the price conscious shopper as well as high end mobiles for the tech-savvy professional. Students have opted for the Samsung Corby and Samsung Champ models. Their vivid colors and elegant designs make the Samsung mobile phones a great buy.

Latest Samsung mobile phones:
There are wide ranges of Samsung phones that have catered to the

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