Nov 20

Mobile bar hire Dorset makes your event more special

Are you planning to throw a grand party or event? There are number of factors like cost, entertainment and caterers which make your mind stressful. But now there is no need to worry. There is Mobile bar hire Dorset which will help you to attain all the goals for your party or events.

Today, the mobile bar hire Dorset is getting very popular. It is widely available in market and it provides all the services, equipments which include displays, all type of drinks, front and back counters, staff and everything required for the event. All the functions of corporate sector, wedding/reception parties and all the special occasions are catered by the organizers of mobile bar hire.

You can’t celebrate your event if there is stress on your mind. You can remove your stress by hiring mobile hire. You will feel relax or relieve when you know that your party is going under control. There are different payment choices which make it even simpler to throw the ideal event. There are number of benefits that mobile bar hire is providing to its customers .These benefits are given below;

The mobile bar hire provides professional services. It makes your event better and runs it smoothly and efficiently. It takes cares of your all guest and serves them every drink according to their needs. It decreases the waiting time and the guests don’t need to stand in queue for drinks or anything.

It is very cost effective. It’s very difficult to buy every variety of beverages and so it is always advisable to hire a mobile bar. They have full stock and the main advantage is that you don’t have to pay for any leftover beverages. They provide every type of drink from soft drink to alcohol.


Nov 20

How Does Meta Txt Affect Mobile Seo

But while it shows considerable promise, there are some problems that still need to be ironed out. One of this is to make content discoverable in small mobile devices.

Tackling the Issues with Mobile Search

In general, websites that are designed for mobile devices are scaled-down versions of the original one. Oftentimes, when searchers use their phones, they will be sent to the PC version first before being redirected to the mobile one. All these steps take a lot of time. In addition, mobile users are typically impatient with waiting especially if theyre paying a significant amount of money for their internet. Bottom line is, it is inconvenient, expensive, and wasteful.

Finding the Solution: The Meta TXT?

To tackle the problems associated with mobile search, experts came up with a suggested solution: using meta data. This concept is nothing new because it is actually as important aspect of any search engine optimisation initiative. When implemented for mobile internet though, it takes a while new importance. It doesnt matter if your domain name has an extension name of .com, .mobi, or any other prefit.

Meta TXT is designed to capture the sites location, domain name, keywords, mobile entry points, and description. All these helps search engine deliver valuable and more relevant content for the users.

Does the Future of Mobile SEO Lie in Meta TXT?

Right now, the success of Meta TXT isnt assured. Just like any other new technology or innovative concept, it relies on public acceptance. Mass adaptation of the Meta TXT standard can provide a win-win situation for everyone. Every party would need to cooperate or participate to make it work. For example, developers can create a Meta TXT file and include it in their root directly.

The search engines

Nov 17

All Time Favorite Mobile Brands In India

The India telecom industry is over loaded with the mobile phones of different styles, features, specification and prices. Both Indian and foreign mobile telecom companies have released countless mobile models in India offering wider choice and more value for money. Among all the best leading and all time favorite mobile brands are Nokia mobile, Samsung mobile, and Micromax mobile. These mobile giants have providing the complete satisfaction to all consumers. The people have become more oriented towards value for money brands now which has become main strategy for most of players.

Nokia mobile, earlier only focuses on the mid range and smart phone manufacturing but now Nokia mobile is equally participating in launching the mobile handsets to target the entry level segment. The people have gathered highest satisfaction. The Nokia mobile has come with the great collection of handsets it has phone for everyone from business class to low class. Nokia X2-01, X3-02, X1-01 is some great handsets which will be available under the price of Rs. 10,000.

Nokia mobile has also launched some low budgeted dual SIM handsets for price sensitive segment. It is the foremost preferable mobile brand in India. Samsung mobile has also brought the revolution in the Indian mobile market by launching its very sensible priced handsets. These Samsung mobile phones have majorly targeted the entry level people who want to enjoy the all advanced functionalities in low price range.

The most popular and ever green Corby series of Samsung mobile handsets offering the wonderful features plus awesome looks at much affordable price but without compromising the quality of the phone. The some other best value for money Samsung mobile phones is Samsung Champ, Samsung Chat, and more. Even it is also noticeable that the sale of Samsung mobile has increased as compare to

Nov 16

Wow Mobile Scam-check Out This Real Review

Yes. Wow Mobile IS a scam, and it is most certainly IS a pyramid scheme. I personally think that the rip off Wow offers, is not the most unique, and profitable opportunity that I have witnessed in over ten years as a Network Marketer, but it is a scam that’s catching on quick.

Wow Mobile emerged back in September 2009 as a spin off of Liberty International a fake company founded by long time scam artist Randy Jeffers. The company has outstanding debt, and has never made a paycheck in its 10 years in business.

Liberty International has several different divisions within the company. The company offers a to good to be true proposition “Refer Three and its Free”. (if only right?)

The Product. Cell phone service.

Wow Mobile supposedly is partnered up with T-Mobile. However, according to their website

“Due to the multiple issues we experienced with T-Mobile, our Tier 1 Cellular provider, Liberty International, Inc has been forced to suspend all operations and is not accepting any new orders or signups at this time.”

OK I hope your sitting down for this. Wow Mobile IS definitely A SCAM. They entice you with greedy offer. If you manage to scam 3 of your friends out of their own money, you supposedly get yours free.

However they just continue to charge you a monthly fee.

Check out the math on this. $100.00 a month by 12 months = $1200.00 a year. 5 years = $6000.00 they are going to steal right out of your pockets, and $6000.00 worth of food they are taking right from your child’s mouth.

When you take a proficient look at Wow Mobile, it all leads to one road. SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM. Endless. Everybody has a cell phone, and who wouldn’t want free service?

Nov 16

Upcoming Challenges For Mobile Development & Mobile Marketing

The digital world is evolving and the trends are changing in real world, making the world faster than ever before and technology more stable. Mobile is all about today’s world which took birth with the invention of first pager in 1956. The world started getting mobile and the launch of first commercial mobile phone by NTT in Japan was the next step to stabilize this mobility.

The innovation in this mobility with SMS happened to be originated in Europe in 1985. SMS was a boom in the later part of 1900s and early 2000s, and still it’s the top cellular activity. Now, there’re above 4 billion mobile phone subscribers, with 74% of them using SMS of which 94% of SMSs are read. Just in UK 1.4 billion text messages now being sent every week.

This is just about mobile phones and SMS, innovations like iPhone, Blackberry, Android and mobile-internet integration are constanly opening the new horizons of excellence for mobile marketing. Web marketing is one of the most cost effective marketing methods with maximum outreach. Since there’re more mobile phone subscribers than that of internet users, so mobile opens broad ways for marketing from small and medium to large businesses.

Mobile-web integrated marketed is still in the process of development, reason being the lack of awareness among most of mobile phone subscribers, i.e. there’re about 10 million users worldwide using GPRS services that makes only about 0.25% of the total subscribers. But, this low percentage doesn’t mean that mobile marketing is not growing. There’re various alternative methods within mobile marketing including SMS Marketing, Ingame Mobile Marketing, Location Based Services etc.

Ingame Mobile Marketing is the fastly growing area and the future of mobile marketing. The reason is that more than 90% of mobile phone subscribers play mobile games. From simple

Nov 15

Nokia Mobile Price List Justifies Value For Money

Nokia mobiles are known for their quality and services. These mobiles also offer value for money. Nokia mobiles are available to satisfy the customers in terms of price and features.

Mobile phones should justify the price they offer. For example: an entry level mobile phone with must communication facilities, SMS and FM features should be available in minimum possible range. Nokia mobile price list varies with every different model. This is because each model has different configurations and different features. Some mobile phones have a good battery back-up while others are superior in their communication network.

A mid segment mobile like X3 handset is equipped with latest features but in the basic configurations. These handsets have a camera in good quality, a Bluetooth support for Bluetooth headset attachment, downloading facility and much more. Nokia mobile price list is available at a bit higher end for mid segment mobiles. Nokia mobiles price list is justified as per the features offered by the handset.

High end mobiles are also available in the Nokia mobile category. Some of the most featured mobiles like those with good quality camera, QWERTY keyboard, quad band and 3G connectivity are available at a bit higher range. These mobiles are meant for those users which are in need of good features. However these mobiles are also the status symbols for the users. Some people really do not understand all the concepts available on the handset but want to purchase this mobile phone to show-off to other people in their society. They are not bothered by Nokia mobile price list. They just want a handset to show-off in their fellow beings.

Mobile handsets are available as smart phone, computer associate, organizer, social networker, path tracker, an entertainer, navigator, and above all a great communicator. Therefore, Nokia

Nov 15

Cheap Blackberry Mobile Phones – The Perfect Blend Of Look And Performance

The Blackberry is a well known smart phone manufacturer. These cheap Blackberry handsets are getting more and more popularity among the mobile phone users. The Blackberry mobile phones are fulfilling the requirements of the users with quite comfort. The latest Blackberry mobile phones with many latest features make it the best choice for the mobile phone users.

There are many common features can be find in a majority of Cheap Blackberry Mobile Phones and these are QWERTY keypad which provide instant messaging facility to the user is the trackball which helps the user for fast navigation. The Blackberry mobile phone have document reader cum editor application and with the help of this document viewer/ editor you can not only read your documents, but also edit them according to your requirement. The document reader helps the users to accomplish their business work on their mobile phone.

The Blackberry handsets come in with many useful applications like GPS, maps and others. The GPS application make it easy to plan your travel. A majority of the Blackberry handsets comes in with many connectivity options like Bluetooth, GPRS, EDGE, USB interface and Wi-Fi connectivity which allows the user to access fast speed internet anywhere and anytime. The latest Blackberry mobile phones comes in the market with high resolution camera, media player, java enabled games, radio and many others. The Blackberry handsets comes with a high quality preloaded music player or many third party supported multimedia softwares to provide its users a good entertainment experience.

The cheap Blackberry mobile phones are available with many exciting deals at many web portals with the latest Mobile Phone Deals. These mobile phone deals are being provided by all leading operators as Vodafone, Virgin, O2, Three, Orange and others. These Cheap Blackberry mobile phones are available

Nov 12

Two Top Selling Micromax Mobile Phones In India

Micromax mobile is one of Indians leading telecom industries that have gained the enough praise in very short span of time. At present the two most commendable and remarkable Micromax mobile phones in Indian mobile market are Micromax q7 and Micromax Android A60. Both Micromax mobile phones are good by their ends and featured with the latest and advanced features. They are the hottest and happening mobile handsets from the Micromax mobile.

The Micromax q7 is a dual sim mobile phone and coupled with the great list of features. It offers the smooth and hassle free typing with its integrated full QWERTY keypad. The Micromax Q7 come equipped with the Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) for fast internet connectivity and Multi-messenger Nimbuzz to stay online. The phone has accompanied with the great 2 Mega Pixel camera which outputs the average quality of pictures.

The new Micromax Mobile That is Micromax q7 is come preloaded with the Opera mini browser to provide the good speed of internet. When it comes to the audio and music functionality the Micromax q7 is bundled with the Multi Format Music Player (MP3 / AMR / MIDI / WAV), Video Player (AVI / 3GP / MP4, Background Music Playback, Built in Yamaha Audio Amplifier, 3.5mm Jack, and Stereo FM Radio. It has expandable Memory up to 4 GB. Micromax q7 price in Mumbai is Rs. 3, 600.

Now come to another advanced Micromax mobile, the Micromax Android A60. It is the first android mobile phone by Micromax mobile. It is having an outstanding features and available in India at affordable price. It has full 2.8 inch touch screen display and come along with the high speed 3G connectivity and Wireless LAN Wi-Fi support.

The Micromax Android A60 mobile associated with the 3.2 mega pixel

Nov 11

Nokia 5232 Mobile Phone

Nokia mobile phones are established brand in the mobile sector. They are getting lot of publicity as they are ranked amongst the best mobiles in the world all over. Almost all the mobile store india which have Nokia phones have the common features like common messaging, phone book, flash light and others. Keeping in mind the demand of the buyers, Nokia has also launched many latest handsets in the market. The latest Nokia mobile phones carry many advanced features like touch screen, large display camera and advanced internet connectivity.

Nokia has recently launched a new mobile phone Nokia 5232 with advanced features with an affordable price. This touch screen mobile phone is approximately 3.2- in size with 16 million TFT display colors. The weight of this handset is 115gms and has dimensions of 111X51.7X15.5mm. The distinguishable features of this phone make it trendy and classy. .

The touchscreen of Nokia 5232 is quite different from other mobiles which operate without any difficulty. This handset is a Quad Band mobile along with GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz that enables this mobile phone to work globally. If someone wants to go abroad then he or she can take the mobile phone and use it with the help of local SIM for that area. Nokia 5232 has facility to set ring tones from MIDI and mp3 ring tones. This handset is equipped with battery back-up of 1320mAh. This battery is very supportive in giving enormous talk time to user.

The touch function of Nokia 5232 facilitates the users to play all the games with ease. This mobile phone is laced with 3G connectivity to give good opportunity for connectivity to the users. It has also USB cable connectivity and WAP connection. This mobile phone gives its users the facility of sending sms, mms,

Nov 09

How To Configure Voipsip Client For Windows Mobile 6 Sip

Configuring VOIP and SIP client services for Windows Mobile 6 SIP is simple. Typically, devices that support such services for Windows Mobile 6 SIP come pre-bundled and installed. However, if you are getting a free phone, as opposed to purchasing a new Softphone, you might need to manually configure VOIP and the SIP client.

To configure VOIP and SIP client for a Windows Mobile 6 SIP compatible phone, you must first check in the Windows directory to ensure the following files are present: rtcdll.dll, voipphonecanvas.dll, dnsapi.dll, and ipdialplan.xml.

oNOTE: If any of these files are not present before configuring VOIP and SIP client for Windows Mobile 6 SIP, you will have to go out to the net and download the files to ensure you are ready to configure before actually doing so. Configuring services for Windows Mobile 6 SIP without having these files will disable many important functions and processes that you need for your Windows Mobile 6 SIP compatible phone.

Next, you will need to create a setup XML file to hold and store all applicable programs and applications to keep your Windows Mobile 6 SIP compatible phone running properly. This is the file directory you will be transferring the actual device.

Then, create a _setup.xml file with all parameters for your Windows Mobile 6 SIP applications. If you do not know how to do this, there are many files available online that are quick and easy to run.

Next, type the following command into a dos prompt: cabarc N myvoipsettings.cab_setup.xml. This command will go out and access the file you just made. Transfer this file onto your Windows Mobile 6 SIP phone.

Rename the setup file with a .txt file extension. It will be transferred as _setup.xml and you change it to _setup.txt. Although it is

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