Jun 25

Find Top 10 Mobile Themes – Choose The Most Interesting One

Mobile phone themes are folders that lace your mobile with various attributes and assign it a unique style. These folders generally contain a set of images, icons and sometimes music and ring tones. These themes are categorized according to the mobile brands and models and also according to the topics. A theme made for a brand of mobile is not necessarily useful for other brand. Different mobile brands have different file extensions for their themes. One can easily identify the compatible brand of mobile by looking at the file extension of mobile themes. These themes are created by many mobile companies and users. If a person is not satisfied with these themes, then he can also create themes according to his choice and he can share these themes with other persons by uploading on these websites. There are various tools available to create these themes. Mobile themes are available freely on most of the sites and a person can register himself free of cost on these sites. For a single brand of mobile there are thousands of free nature mobile themes available on these sites. These themes are based on various topics. There are various themes that feature scenes and characters from popular movies and TV soaps. There are also many themes available for animal lovers. These themes contain all the features related with your favorite animal. There are also natural themes that attract people who love natural sights. Some people has passion for cars, bikes and modern vehicles. There are themes that display your interest in modern vehicles and contain images, designs and ring tones related with vehicles.

Mobile theme providing sites always come up with new mobile themes for your mobile and you can change the theme of your mobile if you find a interesting one. These mobile

Jun 25

How To Make Money Online Selling Chinese Mobile Phones

All we know how fast growing chinese market. Many chinese online shops are more and more popular. They selling very cheap electronic products, interesting gadgets and mobile phones for very low prices. Most of the chinese shops have and free shipping. With the lowest prices and the free shipping chinese shops are ahead of the europeans and americans.

Before 5 months I saw for the first time chinese online shop. I was surprised of the prices. I found very good looking chinese phones for very low prices. I compared the prices with our prices here (in Sweden) for the phones. The difference was just so big. Finaly I decided to make money selling the chinese cell phones here in Sweden. I started with buying couple of F160 Four SIM. Very good looking chinese phone with four SIM. These kind of cell phones with 4 SIM card here in Sweden are very expensive, but I bought them only for 80$ each with free shipping. Then I started to promote them on some of my swedish blogs. ( I have 3 blogs on swedish with about 700 unique visitors each per day) Very fast (for about 16 days) I sold all phones for 120$ each (+40$ each). I was so surprised of the great conversion. After these awesome results I decide to made swedish website where to sell very cheap chinese cell phones. After 2 months of seo optimization and promotion on facebook I hit 1700 average visitors per day and start to made 1 deal per day. When someone buy from mine shop some phone I make order on the chinese shop and they deliver the phone directly to the buyer. It`s so surprising how good conversion have these products. With little SEO and website on wordpress with.net domain I

Jun 23

Use the Most Attractive Mobile Ad Formats to Make Sure Users Click on Your Ads

Marketing is a must to ensure that your business is able to thrive in this world of tight competition. You have a huge number of competitors, no matter what business you are in. To get an edge above them and get your place in the market is very important. The first and foremost requirement for this is to make the public know about you. The prospective customers should be informed about your company and you products or services. Only if they are informed well enough will they even think about giving it a try. This is what advertising does, tells the public that your products are the best in the market. You have a large number of different modes of marketing these days, mobile advertising being the most common. The simple, yet capturing, Mobile Ad Formats are sure to coax the viewers to click on them to know more.

How do mobile ads work?/b>

This is the era of smart phones, and you have smart phone apps for every purpose. A few are paid and the rest are free. It is mainly these free apps that offer ads in order to increase their revenue. There are a large number of advertising platforms that pay the developer for each click on their advertisement. So, when the user clicks on any of these ads while using the app, the developer is paid a fixed amount. These ads come in various forms and sizes. Mobile Rich Media Ads adjust their size and orientation according to the device, the specific app, and the way the user currently holds the device.

Why use ads in the rich media format?

Using this kind of Mobile Ad Formats has proven to be more compelling in getting the user click on them. They do not need any landing

Jun 22

Mobile Phones And Sms In Poor Countries

If you try to think it over regarding the sale of mobile phones and the use of SMS or text messaging service in poor and developing countries, you will be simply amazed at how these countries can suddenly be so highly adopted to these kind of high technology communication service as shown by the sky rocketing sales of mobile phones and the immense volume of text or SMS traffic in these countries. If you consider however, the volume of fixed landline telephone usage of these countries you would note a very slow growth in terms of fixed landline subscriptions among the people.

As it is, it seemed that only a small percentage of private homes and businesses owns or have subscribed to fixed telephone land lines even considering that this kind of communication service has been in place for a long time already. In contrast, mobile phones which have just recently been introduced to these countries have already showed remarkable ownership and subscription. When SMS or text messaging service became available to mobile phones, the remarkable growth of mobile phones suddenly exploded to high heavens, continuously hitting the sales chart roof, sales chart after sales chart. The same is true with text or SMS cards and electronic SMS or text loads. Both the telecommunications companies supplying the SMS service and the phone makers supplying the mobile phones have never seen better days

Along with them, private investors who were lucky enough to invest their money in the retailing of mobile phones and its many accessories to include SMS or text messaging cards with voice and now, electronic SMS or Text messaging loads. What is most remarkable about this is the poor sector of these developing countries is the most prolific users of SMS or text messaging service. The

Jun 19

Buy Payg Mobile Phones- Get Hold Of The Best Deal

Mobile technologies are renovating at quick intervals these days. Today, one can find mobile phones equipped with all the latest technologies such as digital camera, music player, video player, internet browsing capabilities and many other technologies that one may fancy for. Apart from all these, to get the best out of a mobile phone a proper network service provider is very essential so that one can avoid high mobile phone bills. The best option to avoid high soaring mobile phone bills will be to buy payg mobile phones.

Payg mobile phones come with various advantages and have become quite popular among the mobile phone users. You can easily buy payg mobile phones from online or from other retail outlets. These handsets are available from leading mobile phone manufacturers such as Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola and many more.

By opting for payg phone deals you will be able to get rid from the monthly payment of mobile phone bills. This deal is a prepaid scheme under which the user has to pay in advance to the service provider for the talk time purchased. It is possible for the mobile phone user to recharge with any amount of money that is required. As soon as the talk time is over the user can again recharge his or her mobile phone with any amount at any point of time.

The mobile phone user can buy payg mobile phones from any network service providers such as Orange, T-mobile, Three, Vodafone and O2. By teaming up the handset with payg deals, the user will be able to keep a check on their mobile phone usage. With this deal various other incentive are also available. Some of the incentives are free mobile phone accessories, free mobile phone insurance, free message and discounted call

Jun 19

Get Your Prepaid Mobile, Dth And Landline Recharge With Mobileseva.in !

Gone are the days when mobile subscribers used to buy recharge card at unreliable retail shops. Now lifestyle has change drastically customer needs prompt service at affordable rates and mobileseva.in has provide an online platform for mobile users to recharge their mobile in a convenient way .Well just imagine if you want to make an urgent at night and you dont have balance in your mobile, Mobileseva.in will come to your rescue which provides you easy and instant recharge service round the clock. OSS Retail outlets also helps travelers who travel across India to recharge mobile instantly so that they can avoid pesky retailers who believe in unethical business practices.

Unless, retailers businesses show more profitability towards customers they will not be able to build relationship with them. There is enough competition out there.However mobile subscribers will recharge mobile from sites which gives them a comfort and more reliability compare to offline unauthorized vendors who charge them unfairly more. In todays world the online prepaid mobile service should be extremely secure so that its easily adaptable by mobile users and we are glad to announce that OSS group has initiated a smartest concept for mobile users who can recharge their mobile online through mobileseva.in and also for railway commuters who can book rail tickets at Railticketonline.com

Mobile seva offers pin based recharge and flexi based recharge. You can either Flexi Recharge which means you can select the amount with which you would like to recharge from the given range. You can also do a pin based recharge where you can select desire recharge plan from a list of multiple denominations which suits your requirement.

You can use this service after the registration process, first logon to www.mobileseva.in site, click on mobile recharge icon which is reflected on home

Jun 19

Tips and Advice on How To Spy On A Mobile

Get up to date with technology! Smartphone Spy Phone Products download straight onto a ‘target’ smartphone utilizing the smartphone online connection. Then ‘events’ or communication can be checked remotely from your subscription online account. The most recent Smartphone Spyphone technology supplied from name-brand companies, like, Mobile Spy, Flexispy, MobiStealth, PhoneSheriff, and WebWatcher, deal with a wide range of issues that are hot topics for Families, Companies and DIY Investigators. /p>

We Have Researched the Options and the Companies To Save You Time; Explore The Easiest Way to use Smartphone Monitoring and Tracking Software To Become a Do it Yourself Private Detective and How To Spy Mobile Phone including How To Track Cell Phone GPS; How Can I Intercept Text Messages, Chats and Emails Messages; How To Trace A Cell Phone Call; and How To Bug A Mobile.

Mobile Spyphone is the hottest kind of hi-tech surveillance on mobiles. Are you required to know just how kids, employees or lovers are using their mobiles and are you researching a Phone Spy Phone software?

We’ve Analyzed the Range of Choices and the Suppliers So You Won’t Have To; Discover Ways to use Cell Phone Monitoring Software To Be Your Own Private Investigator and Obtain Activity Info using a Private Web Account to Track Cell Phone Location, Capture SMS Texts & E mail, Call Records, MMS Multi-media Images & Video, Web sites Visited, Eavesdrop & Record Cell phone calls and more.

In short, you install Smartphone Spyphone software on a target device and through an internet based account monitored activity is made available. Need to keep up with just how kids, workers or spouses happen to be operating their smartphones and are you looking to buy a Smartphone Spyphone solution?

We’ve Done the Research To Save You Time; Find

Jun 18

The Advantages Of T Mobile

T Mobile is a well known and respected cell phone service provider that has been in business since 1996. The T Mobile company is based in Germany with stores spreading across the United States. They currently have over 120 million subscribers across the world with 35 million of those subscribers in the US. They are currently in 4th place for the main carrier for the whole world. T Mobile has many different service plans available for individuals, families, businesses and more.
Their family plans include their unlimited talk & text plans for as low as $99.00 a month with no annual contract. This is great for families with the texting teens. This plan is the perfect way to stay in touch with your family while still being able to manage the monthly bills. Larger family plans are also available that offer Unlimited Talk, Text & Web for as low as $139.00 a month with no annual contracts.
Individuals also receive the same services however the prices for these services are lower than that of a family. The individual plan is perfect for everyone whether you talk less than 500 minutes a month or if you are interested in unlimited minutes. The talk plans start at only $29.99 a month for 500 minutes up to $49.99 for unlimited. Unlimited talk and text is also available for only $59.99 a month as well as unlimited talk, text & web for only $79.99 a month with no annual contract.
T Mobile is highly popular for their prepaid cell phone plans which make it simple for anyone, regardless of credit history or other cell phone carrier commitments to own a cell phone. Prepaid subscribers can receive a tmobile phone of their choice, starter minutes already included as well as the

Jun 15

Benefits of Unlocked GSM Mobile Phones

When you decide to upgrade your phone or switch to a new mobile phone carrier there are a few things that you will want to understand about GSM networks and SIM cards. Before, mobile phones were luxuries and not needs. Nowadays, almost everyone has a mobile phone and people use them to stay in touch with family members and close friends as well as to be available for different types of business deals or even conferences. This makes choosing a suitable GSM phone a task that can be quite challenging, either in the US, the UK or internationally. When you are purchasing a GSM mobile phone or an unlocked phone, make sure that you know the technology that the phone runs on. The two basic types of mobile phone technology are CDMA networks and GSM networks. Aside from this, you should also look into the different benefits that various phone providers have. Many of the most important benefits include international roaming, reloadable minutes, mobile phone warranties and replaceable equipment.

GSM networks stand for Global System for Mobile Communications, which is a standard that is utilized by many of the major GSM phone companies. One of the most important features included with GSM mobile phones is the ability to utilize a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM cards). This technology allows you to remove all the data that your phone stores in one convenient chip. In this way, if you haven’t unlocked the phone, you will be prevented from using different mobile phone providers. This means that you cannot take all of your valuable data with you wherever you go. This convenience of quickly being able to use another unlocked GSM phone is one of the main benefits of these types of phones and networks. Some of the other benefits of unlocked GSM

Jun 14

New Micromax Mobile Price In India

Micromax mobile price list in India has beaten all the price list of other brands and giving the cutting edge technology in extreme affordable price. Micromax mobile phones are not only offering the great list of features and functionalities but also giving the astonishing looks to the mobile. As we all are know that the presently the Indian mobile market is flooded with the many mobile brands and very soon the more brands will also enter in the market. Having the high competition in the mobile market, still Micromax mobile has succeeded in making the special slot in this crowded market.

The objective of the Micromax mobile Phone is to give the functionality with affordability and targets the entry level segment in India. The company is also start focusing on the contemporary requirements of the youth and tired to be on their demands. The one more great invention done by Micromax is the Micromax eg333. The phone supports the dual sim option (CDMA + GSM) and carries the features like 2MP Camera, High Speed Internet Access up to 3.1Mbps*,7.62cm Full Touch Screen, Use Phone as Modem , Bluetooth. Micromax eg333 price in India is estimated Rs. 8000.

As per the Micromax x560 review, the phone is integrated with the many advance features such as large 3.2 inch touch screen display and Wireless LAN Wi-Fi connectivity. It also allied with the 2 mega pixel camera and also loaded with the Motion Sensor Games. Some additional features accompanied with the phone are Multi Instant Messenger- Nimbuzz, Social Networking Consortium- Snaptu, Preloaded Opera Mini Web Browser, 3D Cube User Interface etc. The new Micromax X560 price is Rs. 5, 250. It is now available in India.

The Micromax x265 review says that this phone is featured with all the basic factors such as

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