Aug 22

Cobra 148 Gtl Cb Radio – Maybe The Finest Mobile Radio Ever Made

The Cobra 148 GTL CB radio has been the mobile rig of choice of all serious CB’ers for a lot more than 30 years.

Historically, the most beneficial sets had been usually the early ones manufactured in the Phillipines. I purchased mine in 1978, and was lucky to obtain one of these little gems. The manufacture of this particular model was halted inside the late 1990’s, but on account of popular demand manufacture has as soon as again been resumed and they may be now readily obtainable.

Rugged construction has constantly been a hallmark of all Cobra CB radios, and also the 148 is no exception. It can live in the harshest of environments that would rapidly destroy lesser makes.

The newer units have remained in their original proven configuration. The only change has been a tiny cosmetic change that now has the microphone connector positioned on the front of the set, instead of on the side. This makes for quite extremely straightforward installation. Longer microphone cables are also now common.

This model offers a total of 120 channels. It has 40 channels on AM, along with a additional 80 channels on SSB (Single side band). The SSB channels are split into 40 each and every on the lower sideband along with the upper side band.

Transmitter energy output is the maximum allowable by FCC regulation – four Watts RF on AM, and 12 Watts RF on SSB.

The configuration is definitely feature rich –

a) Built in SWR meter, and SWR calibration control for the accurate matching to the antenna.
b) Adjustable Dynamike microphone boost manage for maximum clarity on transmit.
c) Adjustable RF gain control allows for the optimum setting of the received signal in both powerful and weak signal areas.
d) A noise blanking

Aug 22

Scope Of Mobile Marketing In India

If someone says expansion of business in india is mobilized then its true as a citizen in india Weve become a mobile society. Residents living in india are on the go, and everyone in society either it be teenager, undergraduate, elder retired citizen or youth of india everybody would like to gadget guru or geek and every citizen has a mobile phone with exclusive features like music player, games, camera, window operating system, Google android applications etc to enjoy every second of their life with their interactive gadget phone they can do all social networking as it is latest trend in Indian citizen they can tweet in twitter, post gossip or what they like to share in their wall post in facebook and other social networking sites like bigadda, perfspot, tagged, orkut, hi5, myspace etc.
According to recent survey we have collected list of mobile handset manufacturers
Accord, Ace, Acer, Airfone, Airnet, Ajanta, Amplicom, Apple, Aqua, Aroma, Blackberry, Bleu, Boss, Bossh, Brado, Byond Tech, Celkon, Colors, Dell, DigiBee, Fly, Fortune, Frio, Fujezone, G-Fone, G7, Gee Pee, Grapes, Hansum, Hi-Tech, HTC, Huawei, I-Tel, I4, I5, Icube, Intex, INQ, IO Sound, ION, Joy, JXD, Karbonn, Kenson, Lava, Lemon, LG, Lima, Longtel, Magicon, Markson, Maxx, Melbon, Micromax, Motorola, Movil, MTS, Munoth, Murphy, MVL, Nokia, Olyne, Onida, Orpat, OSCAR, Pagaria, Paxma, Pine, Rage, Ray, Reliance, Reysol, Riviera, Sagetel, Samsung, Simoco, Sky, Sony Ericsson, Spark, Sunsky, T-Series, Tekshiv, Usha-Lexus, Videocon, Viva, Vodafone, Voice, VOX, Wespro, Wynncom, Xcite, Zen
If we buy mobile handset from this manufacturer mobile user can connect with friends, relative or any individual they like to talk with in phone, they can share video, images, document using Bluetooth technology or infrared system and businessmen can do online transaction as and when required it saves time and money as mobile

Aug 22

Zen Mobile Phones

Today every big company whether it’s automobile, food or telecommunication are endorsing the super stars of Bollywood and the cricketers like Amir Khan, SRK, Saif Ali Khan, Dhoni, etc. to attract the consumer towards their product and to make the identity of the brand in the market. Is really people are affected by the brand ambassadors? Well somehow it’s true in India.

There are numerous of mobile companies are endorsing the super stars to promote their brands like Samsung endorsing the Amir Khan, Nokia endorsing the SRK and Pariyanka Chopra, Motorola endorsing Abhishek Bachchan and etc. Similarly Zen mobile phone ropes in Amitabh Bachchan as a brand ambassador.

Zen mobile phones have been launched by the Telecare Network Pvt. Ltd. in India. Zen Mobile phones have claims for the quality products with technologically advanced features. Zen mobile phones offer the great quality with great features at an affordable price. It’s new to the mobile market but its brand ambassador needs no introduction. Yes we can say that it is the good step taken by the Zen mobile phone for promoting its brand image.

The Zen Mobile phone series has a wide collection of products which gratify to the different segments of consumers. Zen Mobiles phones are packed with all latest tech specifications and available in very reasonable price as compare to other mobile brands.

Zen mobile has endorsed the Amitabh Bachchan for making its brand image but is it maintains its stability in the mobile market? Because today many local mobile marketers have launched the various handsets with at competitive prices such as Spice mobile, Karbonn mobile, Wynn mobile, Zee Pee mobile and Intex mobile. It’s truly there is the high competitive among the mobile brands and everyone is putting their full efforts and using almost the same strategies for

Aug 22

Mobile versus fixed line calls make 03 numbers more important than ever before.

numbers are available to the public sector and charitable organisations while 0330 numbers are open to organisations who do not meet these criteria. With an increasing number of consumers turning to mobile phones to make calls, businesses can look forward to better response with non geographic numbers like 03 numbers. Calls to these numbers cost the same rate as calls to a fixed landline. In addition, most mobile network operators offer free minutes bundled in their packages to consumers, whereby consumers can potentially make free calls to 03 numbers since they must be included in calls to 03 numbers. These numbers were introduced by Ofcom as an alternative to 0870 numbers which are also chargeable. However, revenue sharing is not allowed in these.

In 2010, more minutes were carried over mobile networks as compared to landlines for the first time. This is good news for businesses that have already discovered the potential for using 03 numbers as a marketing tool in their promotional campaigns. With free minutes provided by mobile network operators included in calls to 03 numbers, a business can look forward to an increasing number of incoming calls and the opportunity for business growth.

Undoubtedly, 03 numbers are mobile friendly and have gained the trust of the public. Callers are guaranteed to either make a free call or be charged the same as a standard landline rates. For the most part, they are ethical phones numbers that are not subject to any negative publicity because of the transparency in pricing. In addition, the availability of a number of call management features enables organisations to become more efficient in handling inbound calls. With an exponential growth in the mobile market, 03 numbers have become almost an essential tool for any business, public sector, or charitable organisation. These

Aug 21

How To Monitor Employee Using Spy Mobile Phone Software India

Basically is your own business, just like hotel or more. You have 300 employees to work with. All have different type work, just like it can be say one has manager work. Also you have be provide a cell phone to easy to work of employee to communicate with them. Also these bill is paid by you company amount. Some of employee at many of company are knowing to know about to spend their mobile amount append with taking hours their girl friend and other unfocused activity. Some of high profile employee, dishonest are trade to secrete about company to others. Mobile facility is used to help company communicate and company productivity but they are used our personal benefit. That cause to come company waiting time and also company productivity cost.

This spy mobile software is gives to facility to stop that type problem, its give fast track to solve that type problem. This software supported many of mobile like nokia N series and E series mobile. Only work is manually installed in those of one mobile after you can track continue. You can pay one time after then you can use life time for only this mobile, because this software generate IMIE no. this is very easy to install in target mobile. Software takes less than 1 minute to install. After install software in Target mobile, first you should be define monitor number in target mobile just a single SMS send monitor mobile to target mobile write a 0000111 1 single code of activation. Then after you should activate software feature one by one code or activate in one code send monitor mobile number to target mobile that time target mobile send back one more sms define Your spy feature has been activated in mobile.

This software itself hide

Aug 19

Cheapest Gprs Mobile Phones Now At Your Door Step

Now a days internet access is not a luxury; rather a necessity in this fast pace world. The internet users surf for lots of proposes.

The reputed mobile manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and others offer latest state of art handsets with faster browsing facility. These days the mobile is also categorized on the basis of their browsing services .GPRS is the one of the trusted ways to access to internet.

A good GPRS handset can help the user in faster browsing of different sites, downloading games, movies, videos and other necessary thing, chat with relatives and many more. Now the user has also the chance to get cheapest GPRS Mobile Phones from different leading mobile service providers of the UK.

The Nokia 2700c is one of the front line GPRS handset offers internet features like GPRS, EGPRS, TCP/IP support and can be used as data modem. The Samsung E1085T is one of the best GPRS handsets from SAMSUNG mobile company for its user.

This handset covers all latest internet features including other multimedia features. The Spice QT44 is a multi SIM handset from SPICE that covers all aspects of faster browsing, internet features and also other features like. Dual Led Torch, GPRS, Dual Band, preloaded games, incoming call guard, alarm, calendar and many more.

Other cheap GPRS models are Samsung E1085 GSM (Black), Samsung E1085T (Black), Videocon V1290 (Black), Micromax Q1 (Red), Videocon V1305 (Black), Karbonn KC380 (Black), Spice M-4580n (Black) and Karbonn K332 (Black). .Here the user can get lots of choice for GPRS Mobile Phones comparison.

The mobile service providers offer Cheapest GPRS Mobile Phones with their deals. Their deals include PAYG, SIM free and contract deals. There are lots of affordable GPRS Mobile Phones are offered by mobile service providers along with

Aug 18

Virgin Mobile Network

This manufacturer is used by many companies of mobile mobile phones who function in the France, Southern, US, Australia, UK and Canada Africa. Virgin mobile networks work alone in each and every region and are most often associates with Sir Richard Bransons Virgin Team that gives Virgin the brand along with the current mobile phone organization lends the marketing infrastructure.

Virgin Mobile Network in UK along with other places

Virgin Mobile Network is true the T-Mobile network in British, utilizes Spring Nextel in US, Optus around australia, Bell Mobility in Canada, Orange SA in France and Cell C in To the south Africa. All these systems utilize diverse technologies in america of issue like GSM inAustralia and UK, The southern area of Africa and France during US and Canada, the CMDA technological innovation is used.

Virgin Mobile Networks Spend-as-you-go as well as other strategies

The spend-as-you-go system made available from Virgin mobile network is applicable to all countries mentioned above. US, The southern area of Africa and Sydney have Virgin mobile Network offering the spend-in-a-30 days plan where customers can make arrear repayments. The wireless network assistance that is certainly prepaid from Virgin mobile network recognizes speedy advancement in UK mainly because it does in the US even from the moment of its introducing in 1999.

Area of expertise of Virgin Mobile Network in British

The agreements with many other networking sites is the thing that always keep Virgin mobile networking process within the top bracket of network operators for the consumers and allows for varied services and schemes along with picky designs coming from all top brands for example Nokia, LG and Samsung Sony Ericsson and Motorola to name the choicest mobile brand names. Virgin Mobile Network in britain is a subordinate in Virgin Media and it has contracts

Aug 18

Free Mobile Themes

Free Mobile Downloading Universe- is the mobile downloading haven you have been waiting for guys. Gone are the boring days of endless waiting and trying to find a good theme. Gone are the days when you burst you brains out trying to get free themes while watching money flow out of your pockets for nothing! The change is now, the change is here friends. can get you all free mobile themes minus the hassles of a registration or waiting for download start and all. Just visit the site and with every click of yours find joy in what you are doing and wanting! Happy theme hunting!”>Free Mobile Downloading Universe- is the mobile downloading haven you have been waiting for guys. Gone are the boring days of endless waiting and trying to find a good theme. Gone are the days when you burst you brains out trying to get free themes while watching money flow out of your pockets for nothing! The change is now, the change is here friends. can get you all free mobile themes minus the hassles of a registration or waiting for download start and all. Just visit the site and with every click of yours find joy in what you are doing and wanting! Happy theme hunting!”> Free Mobile Downloading Universe- is the mobile downloading haven you have been waiting for guys. Gone are the boring days of endless waiting and trying to find a good theme. Gone are the days when you burst you brains out trying to get free themes while watching money flow out of your pockets for nothing! The change is now, the change is here friends. can get you all free mobile themes minus the hassles of a registration or waiting for download start and

Aug 17

The Benefits Of Having Mobile Friendly Websites Nowadays

Nowadays, the internet can be described as a huge empire with an abundance of untapped information. Most businesses have developed websites which can be viewed from any computer system and this includes cell phones with internet capabilities. All business owners have to ensure that they have mobile friendly websites to take advantage brand new opportunities online.

There are cell phones practically everywhere these days with people either texting, talking or browsing the web. In the event that a business is not yet mobile friendly this will cause them to lose potential customers. With the countless mobile phones available with Internet capabilities more and more consumers are looking to get information quickly. These people are out and about and want to make fast decisions about various things, so when your website is equipped with cell phone options this can put any information at consumers fingertips.

It is also possible for businesses to offer coupons when they have mobile friendly websites for consumers to enjoy instant savings anytime they make a purchase. This will save the time that consumer spend cutting coupons from the paper and also save the company the money that would be spend to print and mail coupons.

Another benefit for business with cell phone website options would be the 2d bar code. This is useful for discounts, savings and promotions. A consumer will take a photograph of the code using their mobile phone and immediately have access to not just discounts, but also product reviews that will help them their decision before making a purchase. There is also another feature for mobile called the short codes, which is used for stuff like sending text message to vote for songs or to buy ring tones. These are acknowledged by many cell phone providers and have several uses which include

Aug 14

Importance Of Business Mobile Phones And How To Get Them

The utility of mobile phones is not just restricted to communication. Each day new and new features are being added to the phones. The mobile phones are now competent to perform almost all the tasks that a computer can perform. Thus, we are talking about smart phones. These phones are capable of so many things that help the person to perform any job on the go.

A high speed internet service like the 3G and the 4G services are now operational on these phones. Business mobile phones UK are amongst the most sophisticated smartphones having great features and specifications. These business mobile phones are very helpful for the businessman to conduct the business in a much more effective and efficient form.

The business mobile phones are featured with high speed internet and a good software system. There are many applications on the business mobile phones that help the businessman to perform various activities related to the business. It helps the businessman to keep in touch with the business associates, key managers and suppliers all the time. All information regarding the results and the operations of the business are available on the phone for the entrepreneur.

The business mobile phones UK also enhances the status and personality of the businessman. This indirectly creates value for the business.

There are many factors that affect the price of business mobile phone service. As a business mobile phone delivers great features, it is important that a perfect balance between the benefits and the cost of service is maintained.

More the features asked for, the more will be the price. It is important to properly judge the needs of the business before selecting any particular business mobile phone. Getting a cheap business mobile phone without dubbing the business needs is very important.

There are many

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