Jul 23

Android SDK – The Latest Platform for Mobile Apps Development

The current era of communication has brought up wonderful innovations for the mobile phone users because Android has emerged as a latest platform for mobile apps development. Android platform was launched in the year 2002 serving mobile phone users all over the world for the high-quality mobile apps development. Recently, Google has launched the latest version of 3.0; this new version has brought many additional features, which are much better in quality in comparison to the previous versions of Android SDK such as m3 or m5. >

Mobile apps are playing a vital role in the modern times when there is a craze among the people for the latest versions of smart phones. You can find thousands of mobile application available on the internet to download in several categories such as:
– Business Applications
– Security Applications
– Internet Applications
– Utility Applications
– Fun Applications etc.
These days, more and more mobile phone users are demanding custom mobile application to run on their respective mobile phones.

Android Apps Development by following the guidelines of the Android SDK (Software Development Kit), a product of Google is a very easy platform for developers to develop high quality, appealing and custom designs of mobile applications. Android SDK is equipped with a set of development, which developers can use smartly to mold the creativity to real mobile applications. You can find following development tools in the Android SDK:

– Debugger
– In Built Libraries
– Tutorials
– Codes
– Handset Emulator

Android SDK gives developers an opportunity to develop robust mobile applications; thanks to its integrated features and the high level of flexibility to develop applications for smart phones. Using the Android SDK, now developers not only mobile apps for companies but it also

Jul 23

Mobile Marketing and Advertising for Small Business

The mobile marketing and advertising news-wires are abuzz and more and more companies are jumping into the game on a daily basis. Powerhouses like Google and Apple are building their arsenal for the mobile advertising phenomenon that is all the talk right now.

Companies large and small are jockeying for position within their target markets and local niches in an effort to get a first mover advantage in the inevitable transformation to the Mobile computing tsunami that is already taking shape.

What this means to the Small Business owner and in-house marketers is that the mobile marketplace has gained momentum. A solid mobile strategy can provide a huge advantage and be your secret weapon for success among a targeted niche audience or in a localized small to medium size metropolitan area.

You see, we understand that you don’t have the time to keep you ear to the ground on all of this Mobile mayhem, because you are busy with your two hands on the wheel with your companies. What we also know is that you rely on other small businesses to provide you with the knowledge and the tools to make sure that you are keeping you marketing and advertising efforts relevant and effective. In the ever evolving multimedia e-marketplace, you need solutions and you either need them to be service based and low cost, or you need them to be extremely easy to understand and integrate on a do it yourself basis.

After all, one of the coolest things about being a small business owner is the adventure of wearing a variety of hats and learning the latest and greatest techniques to stay ahead of the competition. Today, Mobile Marketing might be one of the most effective and efficient means to push your business out ahead of the pack. Whether you are a

Jul 20

Buy Pay As You Go Nokia 2610 Mobile Phone- No Obstacle of Distance

If you have not enough experience of using mobile phone, you should buy pay as you go Nokia 2610 mobile phone because this handset is customer friendly. Even a novice can learn how to use this device within few minutes. You can keep connected to your near and dear ones even being in any part of the world. In this way the distances have no impact in you and no obstacle of distance can come in your way.

Buy pay as you go Nokia 2610 Mobile Phone to be impressive in your community as it has eye catching fashionable candy bar design supporting a bright 128128 pixel display that is able to display over 60,000+ colors. If you are unable to listen to clearly because of noise, you can take the help of loud speaker. You can choose your favorite ring tones as it has built-in ringers, plus more ring tone music and it available to downloading from certain popular websites/center such as T – Mobiles’ T – Zones. If you don’t want to disturb others, you can use vibrating alerts feature when you want to discreet. You can store 300+ contacts in your phonebook.

If you are alone and getting botheration, you can play games to pass quality time with nokia 2610 handset. It has approximately 100g weight and measures 4.09 1.69 0.71 inches. Its lithium-ion battery is rated at up to 3.0 hours of digital talk time, and up to 120 hours (5 days) of digital standby time. It works on the GSM/GPRS 850/1900 frequency and it usually come with 1 year’s warranty. Don’t lead an isolated life because now you have nokia 2610 mobile phone that is available on Pay As You Go prepaid deal through, which you can enjoy affordable communication without

Jul 20

Eavesdropping On Mobile Phone Conversations With Spying Apps For Blackberry

Spying apps for blackberry can now give you the capability to listen to your child or partners phone conversation. This can be easily done without the knowledge of the owners phone. So, if you are not quite happy about your husbands whereabouts or who he is calling and having conversations with, then these spying apps for blackberry is the solution to your problem. You can also install these spying apps for blackberry on your childs phone in order to be more vigilant on their activities.

So how can you install spying apps for blackberry on their phones without their knowledge? You have to be quick and sneaky doing this. Time your installation when your child or partner is using the bathroom or doing something that is around ten minutes. This installation is just around 5 minutes to complete.
First get a hold of the owners phone in question. Then download the phonesnoop application and install it. Once download is complete you have to go to the Options folder, then advanced options, applications, phonesnoop and then lastly click edit. You need to alter the Event Injection or Input Simulation to Allow.

Once you have finished doing the above steps, you have to go to the spying apps for blackberry specifically the phonesnoop application, open it and let it run. Once this spying apps for blackberry has been installed, you can now eavesdrop on the conversations that were made using that mobile phone. Whats great about this is that you can access remotely the target cell phone in order to listen to the ongoing conversation without the users knowledge.

Once you have done doing all the above mentioned steps, return the blackberry spy software from where you took it. And then just wait for the first caller to your child or

Jul 18

Making Wise Investment On Mobile Game Development Services

Earlier, the mobile devices were used only as a medium to communicate with people sitting at different geographical areas. However, the mobile revolution has brought significant changes in the mobile device by making it as a fun and entertainment device. By using a smartphone, you can chat, send an SMS or MMS, make a conference call, set a reminder, organize your diary and perform other routine activities. All this has become possible with the help of varied mobile applications.

The wide range of mobile apps existing in the industry helps to access social networking sites; allow to participate in a contest; vote or view the ratings; navigate the locations and market your product too. While considering the rising craze of mobile apps, the gaming industry has also taken a big step forward to attract the gamers towards the mobile industry.

There are various businesses that are utilizing the power of mobile games to bridge the gap with their target market. They are making an investment on mobile game application development to develop and introduce first in the mobile gaming industry to attract maximum users. The mobile games are not only developed for normal mobile devices but are also developed for smartphones like Blackberry, iPhone and Android-based phones.

The rising craze of mobile apps has also increased the competition between mobile game development companies. Every company employs the best game application development team to design and develop out-of-the-box game development solutions. The game developers understand the clients” requirements in detail so that they can design a solution to meet their business objectives within their budget. Whether the requirement is of simple or complex game application, the mobile game developers have gained expertise in this field to provide at par satisfaction to the clients.

If you have recently introduced a

Jul 14

Vehicle Tracking – Mobile Workforce Realtime Routing!

There was a time when fleet managers simply had no idea what went on once their field workers or despatch drivers left the premises.

Without any type of mobile workforce tracking, the problems of extended breaks, unauthorised journeys during business hours and unnecessary routing meant lost time leading to overtime and an increased wages bill! According to some studies, over half of employees working off-premises do not provide a truthful record of their working hours.

For SMEs and larger-scale operations alike, there simply wasnt any form of vehicle tracker to supply an efficient or accurate method to verify a drivers location at any given time and ensure authorised vehicle use. Fleet owners had difficulty working with staff on measuring their job performance! Mobile phones alone, were not the answer!

GPS vehicle tracking can provide fleet managers and their business employers, vital realtime vehicle tracking data on when an employee starts a vehicle, arrives or leaves a job site, and when the vehicle terminates. A fleet tracking system owner will know exactly how much and how long the employee worked at each site and how long they worked during the entire day.

Knowing the exact location of company vehicles means a fleet operator can quickly and easily make decisions to dispatch the vehicle closest to any job destination. As a result, GPS fleet tracking saves valuable fuel, reduces phone call time to drivers in the field, and dramatically improves client demand response times.

Many mobile workforce solutions supply realtime and archival routing data. By watching vehicles in transit, drivers can be advised on taking the most direct route, avoid or help drivers getting lost, and routed around traffic congestions and other road conditions.

Fleet tracking systems are customisable and can also incorporate accurate time/billing information, fully integrated into back

Jul 14

Compare Mobile Phone Prices In India

In India, mobile phones have undergone a positive resurgence. Currently, there are more than 25 million users of mobile phones in the country. This amazing number is bound to increase with major players such as Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericson, etc which often introduce user friendly as well as advanced models of mobile phones in India. Let us look at some of the top brands of mobile phones in India today and compare their prices to find out on which we can get the best price.

Nokia not just in India, but Nokia is the world leading mobile phone supplier. Some of the latest Nokia phones available for purchase in the country include the following together with their approximate prices:

-Nokia C7-00 for Rs.18999
-Nokia C5 for Rs.7599
-Nokia N900 for Rs.25999
-Nokia N8 for Rs.24999
-Nokia X6 for Rs.14999
-Nokia E52, for Rs.10999
-Nokia N97 mini for Rs.20499

Samsung started its operations in the country in the year 1995 and since then it has established itself as one of the leading consumer electronics manufacturers in India. Apart from manufacturing gadgets like kitchen appliances and televisions, Samsung also manufactures mobile phones which are sleek and have stylish features. Today, Samsung offers the best slider phones which are not only easy to use, but are also loaded with features such as camera, music player, multimedia and enhanced connectivity options. Their prices in India vary and are very affordable. Some of the latest models from Samsung along with their best prices are mentioned below.

-Samsung Galaxy S2 3G GSM Mobile Handset for Rs.20000
-Samsung Galaxy 551 3G GSM Mobile Handset for Rs.13000
-Samsung wave II s8530 for Rs.19000
-Samsung Duo 169 W169 for Rs.4800
-Samsung C3630 for Rs.2650

Jul 13

Online Shopping Of Mobile Phones

If we see the present scenario we will find that the use of electronic gadgets is increasing. Take the simple example of mobile phones in India. The mobile phone users are increasing, if we see the present data the total number of telephones in India is crossed the 281.62 million in January 2008. And the tele-density has increased to 24.63% in January 2008. And if we see the wireless segment 8.77 million subscribers are added in Jan, 2008 and 8.11 million subscribers are added in Jan, 2007. And the total wireless subscribers reached 242.4 million now. This is large in number. And if see, Even the rickshaw pullers, vegetable sellers, auto drivers etc are carrying the mobile phone in their pocket.

Reason for increase in mobile phones in India

In India there are number of mobile phone venders like nokia mobile phones, Motorola mobile phones, reliance mobile, lg mobile, Samsung mobile phones, virgin mobile slice, Tata indicom mobiles and many more. Because of the large number of GSM and CDMA mobile phones vendors the mobile phones are now available at lower price. Every range of mobile phones is available with large number of varieties and colors. As the technology is taking new turn because of the nano technology the mobile phones are getting more and smaller, lighter, cheaper and attractive.

Online Shopping
The people of India are aware and they know the exact mobile phones prices in India. The use of internet makes easy to buy mobile phone at one shop. Because if you go to market to buy mobile phone there would be possibility of missing any model, color and you have to go to different shops for different vendor. It is very time consuming wastage of money.
Compare to this online shopping is the far better

Jul 11

Wynncom Mobile Phones In India

One more mobile Manufacture Wynncom mobile has entered in the crowded mobile market. Wynncom mobile is actually not new in the market it is division of SAR group, owner of the Luminous brand of power and energy storage products. The Wynncom mobile hits the Indian market with seven new handsets. These all handsets come with the dual sim options and the tagged with the price of less than Rs.5, 000.

The wynncom mobile is categorized with the three aspects such as utility phones, upgrade phones, and youth phones. The Wynncom utility phones are recognized for its great battery back and trendy designs. The upgrade series of Wynncom mobile phones will be comes under the section of multimedia mobile phones and the youth mobile phones series will be integrated with the advanced features like QWERTY keypad, Instant Chat messengers, social networking applications, and various color options.

The products of Wynncom mobile featured with some distinct features as they come preloaded with the VAS and yet qualify as value for money products. The objective of the company is to get the strong slot in the Indian mobile handset market by providing the innovative and sensitive wireless handheld devices and also endow with the great after sales services. Generally the vision of the Wynncom mobile is to make fame as a leading brand in wireless handheld devices in India with in coming up year.

The company also uses the impressive strategies to earn the name and fame in the Indian market. Bollywood superstar and chocolaty Saif Ali Khan has appointed as a Brand Ambassador to unveil new range of mobile Phones. But still the Wynncom mobile should have to do something more to make themselves sustain for a long in the Indian mobile market.

The range of features allied with the Wynncom mobile

Jul 11

Samsung Jet on T-Mobile new version from Samsung

Samsung Jet is the newest addition to the large fleet of touch screen mobile phones available in the mobile communication market. The best part of this stunning device is that, it is now available with T-mobile network. This network connection facilitates a seamless connectivity through out the world without any ditching at any cost. Furthermore, it also provides various money-saving tariff plans and schemes that help their customers to save their hard earned money.

In design, Samsung Jet assemble with a sleek and stylish black body casings that measure with the dimensions of 108.8mm x 53.5mm x11.9 mm and weighs just 110 gram which is easily slipped in any sized pocket and portable anywhere. This handset is powered by an 800GHz processor along with Touch Wix 2.0 which is faster than any other mobile which is currently available in the market.

It has a powerful 5 mega pixels camera along with dual power LED flash, anti shake filter, view-finder, 4 x digital zoom and AMOLED technology for capturing sharp and crystal clear images. Apart from it, this device has several organizer options such as a calculator, a task list, a calendar, a memo pad, an alarm clock, a world clock, and a currency and unit converter etc.

For more music freaks, this handset comes with a rocking music player that supports with different music file formats such as AAC, WMA, MP3, WAV etc and FM radio with RDS technology that allows you to stay fresh and get entertained round the clock. Additionally, this gadget offers video camera which captures your all video that records 30 frames per second at a 720 x 48 mega pixels resolution.

When talk about its battery life, Samsung Jet on T-Mobile offers a standard response with 8 hours of talk time

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